Monday, April 18, 2011

BARUS,CERDAS (2443) - ZHANG,ZHONG (2592) Telin Chess International Tournament

Telin Chess International Tournament 201 Grha Citra Caraka, Jakarta, In (5.1), 04.04.2011

Cerdas Barus (born 1 January 1961 in Karo, North Sumatra) is an Indonesian chess Grandmaster (2004). In 2002 he came second at Surabaya. In 2011 he won the Telin Chess International Tournament in Jakarta. He played for Indonesiain the Chess Olympiads of 1984, 1988, 1990, 1994, 1996, 2000 and 2002 (individual gold medal at third board).

Zhang Zhong born September 5, 1978 in Chongqing) is a Chinese chess grandmaster who now plays for Singapore. In 1998, he became China's 9th Grandmaster.

1.d4 e6
2.c4 d5
3.¤f3 ¤f6
4.¤c3 c6
5.£b3 dxc4
6.£xc4 b5
7.£b3 ¤bd7
8.¥g5 ¥e7
9.e3 a6
10.£c2 ¥b7
11.a4 b4
12.¥xf6 gxf6
13.¤e4 c5
14.¤xc5 ¤xc5
15.dxc5 ¦c8
16.¥c4 ¦xc5
17.£e2 £a8
18.¤d4 ¦g8
19.¦g1 £c8
20.b3 h5
21.g3 h4
22.£d3 f5
23.¦d1 ¢f8
24.¤e2 ¥e4
25.£d4 h3
26.f4 £b7
27.£b2 ¥g2
28.¤c1 £f3
29.¦d3 a5
30.¤e2 £c6
31.¢f2 £f3+
32.¢e1 £e4
33.¢d2 ¦c7
34.¦d1 ¥f3
35.¦f1 ¥h5
36.¦f2 ¥g4
37.£a1 ¦c8
38.£b2 ¦c7
39.£a1 £a8
40.¤g1 £c8
41.¤f3 ¥h5
42.£d4 ¥c5
43.£f6 ¦d7
44.£h6+ ¢e7
45.£xh5 £c6
46.£h4+ ¢f8
47.¤d4 ¥xd4
48.exd4 £g2
49.¦e2 £f1
50.d5 £a1
51.d6 e5
52.£h6+ ¦g7
53.¦xe5 £b2+
54.¢e3 £c1+
55.¢f2 1–0

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