Wednesday, September 7, 2011

GM Utut Adianto vs GM Viktor Korchnoi

[Event "Manila ol (11)"]
[Site "Manila ol (11)"]
[Date "1992"]
[EventDate "?"]
[Round "?"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
[White "Utut Adianto"]
[Black "Viktor Korchnoi"]

Viktor Lvovich Korchnoi (also Korchnoy, Kortchnoy, Kortschnoj); pronounced in the original Russian as "karch NOY"; Ви́ктор Льво́вич Корчно́й, born March 23, 1931 is a professional chess player, author and currently the oldest active grandmaster on the tournament circuit. He was born in Leningrad, USSR, and later defected to the Netherlands, residing in Switzerland for many years,

Korchnoi played three matches against Anatoly Karpov, the latter two for the World Chess Championship. In 1974, he lost the Candidates final to Karpov, who was declared world champion in 1975 when Bobby Fischer failed to defend his title. Then, after defecting from the Soviet Union in 1976, he won consecutive Candidates cycles to qualify for World Championship matches with Karpov in 1978 and 1981, losing both.

In all, Korchnoi was a candidate for the World Championship on ten occasions (1962, 1968, 1971, 1974, 1977, 1980, 1983, 1985, 1988 and 1991). Korchnoi was also a four-time USSR chess champion, a five-time member of Soviet teams that won the European championship, and a six-time member of Soviet teams that won the Chess Olympiad. In September 2006, he won the World Senior Chess Championship. read more ...

GM Utut Adianto vs GM Viktor Korchnoi

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 b6 4.g3 Ba6 5.b3 Bb7 6.Bg2 Bb4+ 7.Bd2
c5 8.O-O O-O 9.Bxb4 cxb4 10.Nbd2 d6 11.a3 bxa3 12.Rxa3 a5
13.Qb1 Na6 14.Rd1 Re8 15.Ng5 Bxg2 16.Kxg2 Qe7 17.Ra2 Nb4
18.Rb2 h6 19.Nge4 Nxe4 20.Qxe4 d5 21.Qf3 e5 22.cxd5 e4 23.Qh5
Rad8 24.Nc4 Rxd5 25.Qh3 Qf6 26.Rbd2 Rf5 27.Ne3 Rxf2+ 28.Kg1
Nd3 29.Qh4 g5 30.Qh3 Qxd4 31.Rxd3 exd3 32.Rxd3 Rxh2 33.Kxh2
Qb2 34.Qh5 b5 35.Qf3 a4 36.bxa4 bxa4 37.Kh3 Qe5 38.Ng4 Qe6
39.Re3 h5 40.Rxe6 hxg4 41.Kxg4 Rxe6 42.Kxg5 a3 43.Qxa3 Rxe2
44.Qc3 Re6 45.Kf5 Kh7 46.Qd4 Rg6 47.Qd8 Kg7 48.g4 Rh6 49.g5
Rg6 50.Qd4+ Kg8 51.Ke4 Re6+ 52.Kf5 Kh7 53.Qb4 Kg7 54.Qb3 Kg8
55.Qa2 Kg7 56.Qa1+ Kh7 57.Kg4 Kg8 58.Kh5 Kh7 59.Qa8 Kg7 60.Qd8
Rc6 61.Qd4+ Kg8 62.Qe4 Re6 63.Qh1 Kf8 64.Kg4 Kg8 65.Kf5 Kg7
66.Qa8 Rg6 67.Qc8 1/2-1/2

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